Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pro Bowl Changes

Today, the NFL will be moving to Orlando, Florida, and will go back to an AFC vs NFC format. Recently for the past three years, it has been where NFL Legends draft their own teams based on the players that fans vote for. Commissioner Goodell said that the NFL wanted to ," re-imagine the Pro Bowl experience for both fans and players and to celebrate the game of football at all levels". With the Pro Bowl now being in Orlando, there will now be many festivities like there were for the NFL Draft, in Chicago.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Madden Mobile Season Score

Last week, Season Score came out. This is where you can earn rewards, to get a headstart on Madden Mobile next season. the new Madden Mobile comes out on Tuesday, August 16th.  There are some challenges you can complete, to get more percent towards another pack in Season Score. Season Score is based off of your objectives, overall, level, achievements completed, seasons, head to head, league tournaments, and sets. I have 100% for level, achievements, head to head, sets, League, and season. I have 99% completed for overall, which I currently have a 98 overall team.. I currently have earned 14 packs.         Image from

Monday, May 16, 2016

Madden 17 Cover

This years Madden 17 Cover Athlete is going to be Rob Gronkowski. EA had revealed this, unlike last year when the Madden users could vote for the cover. Gronk was the runner up for last year's cover, when Odell Beckham Jr. won.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Potential Madden Mobile Coin Making Strategy

If you play Madden Mobile, and you have at least 350,000 coins, or an 88 overall team or better, here is a potential coin making strategy.

If you have 350,000 coins, you can do a Campus Legend Pack. The most amount of coins you can lose, is 50,000. That is not bad. There are 9 Campus Legends you can pull from the sets. You will get a guarenteed profit if you pull anyone other than Darren McFadden, or Peter Boulware. To complete the set, you need 50 Gold Campus Heroes, and 10 Elite Campus Heroes. I will list the search terms for the Elite Campus Heroes here.

Finley-88-90 overall-26,000
Manti-88-90 overall-26,000
Still-88-90 overall-26,000
Spikes-88-90 overall-26,000

I will include the names of the Campus Legend players and there prices you can sell them for here.

Darren McFadden-315,000
Peter Boulware- 340,000
Johnny Manziel-500,000
Michael Crabtree-500,000
Tyrann Mathieu-650,000
Tim Tebow-950,000
Jadeveon Clowney-1,100,000
Eric Berry-1,100,000
Luke Kuechly-2,000,000-4,000,000

The prices may change.
For the gold campus heroes, you can type in the players' name, and type in max bid price of 6,000. Here is a link of 50 gold campus heroes. You can use the same one in the set multiple times.

I have done the set 6 times.  Here is what I pulled.

Peter Boulware (twice)
Darren McFadden
Michael Crabtree
Johnny Manziel
Jadeveon Clowney

If you don't have 350,000 coins, you can search up some of your players' prices, and sell them to get this money for the set.

Comment with any questions on how to do this set!

I pulled Jadeveon Clowney on my 2nd account which is not as good.

NFL Draft Grades Picks 24 through 31

Here are my draft grades for picks 24-31.

24: Bengals: William Jackson III: B+: Jackson is a very solid corner, who will help the Bengals secondary.

25: Steelers: Artie Burns: C+: This was a team need, and Burns is a good player, but I am just not sure if this is the greatest pick.

26: Broncos: Paxton Lynch: A-: This was a great pick, because the Broncos really need a QB, with Osweiler and Manning gone. Lynch could potentially be the starting QB.

27: Packers: Kenny Clark: C: At first, I didn't know who this was. Then I saw some highlights, and he is very good at run stuffing, which is what the Packers need.

28: 49ers: Josh Garnett: B-: This was a solid pick, because the 49ers needed a good guard.

29: Cardinals: Robert Nkemidiche: A: Very nice pick, especially because he slid all the way down to the Cardinals, who really needed a defensive lineman.

30: Panthers: Vernon Butler: B: Good pick to help Kawann Short and fill the hole of Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy both gone.

31: Seahawks: Germain Ifedi: B+: Good pick, the Seahawks need an Offensive Lineman.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 6, 2016

NFL Draft Grades Picks 16-23

Here are my draft grades for picks 16-23.

16: Lions: Taylor Decker: B+: This is a good pick, because Riley Reiff is not the greatest o-lineman for the Lions, and Decker will add and make their line a bit stronger.

17: Falcons: Keanu Neal: B-: This is a good pick, because Neal is a good safety who will give the Falcons' secondary some depth.

18: Colts: Ryan Kelly: A-: This is a good pick, because the Colts were in desperate need of an o-lineman, and Kelly is a Center which was the Colts top need.

19: Bills: Shaq Lawson: A+: This was a very good pick, because Lawson is a quick, great defensive end, who should not have slipped all the way down to 19. Great Pick!

20: Jets: Darron Lee: B: This was a good pick, because Lee is a good fit, and brings some speed to the Jets defense.

21. Texans: Will Fuller: B-: This was a good pick, but LaQuon Treadwell was still available. Fuller still has better speed than Treadwell, and he will go nicely with DeAndre Hopkins.

22. Redskins: Josh Doctson: B+: This is a good pick, because Doctson has a great jumping ability and speed to give Kirk Cousins some nice weapons.

23. Vikings: Laquon Treadwell: A-: Great pick for the Vikings, because I thought Treadwell was the best receiver in the draft.

Monday, May 2, 2016

NFL Draft Results and grades (Through 15 picks)

I went to the NFL Draft this weekend. I am going to give my grades for each first round pick.

1. Rams: Jared Goff: B+. Personally I think Wentz was the better QB, so I think Wentz was a better pick here. Goff is still a solid Day 1 Starter.

2. Eagles: Carson Wentz: A. I think this was a great pick, especially because I think Wentz was the better QB. I think he will be a starter this year.

3. Chargers: Joey Bosa: B. I feel the Chargers selected Bosa, because he was best available. Yes, this is a good fit in the Chargers, but they could have drafted Jalen Ramsey who also would have been a good pick.

4. Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliot: A. This was a very good pick, because Elliot is a quick RB and he is running behind the best O-line in the league.

5. Jaguars: Jalen Ramsey: A-. This was a very good pick, because Ramsey is a great shutdown defensive back, who is ready to start.

6. Ravens: Ronnie Stanley: B. This was pretty good, even though they could have taken Tunsil, but the Ravens were scared due to the video. Stanley is a solid O lineman who will make an immediate impact.

7. 49ers: DeForest Buckner: B+. This was a good pick, because Buckner is a very good lineman who will impact the 49ers defense greatly.

8. Titans: Jack Conklin: B-: Conklin is a good o-lineman, but the Titans may have been scared off by Tunsil, and still took a good lineman in Conklin.

9. Bears: Leonard Floyd: C. Chicago did NOT need to trade up, and they could have taken better linebackers than Floyd.

10. Giants: Eli Apple: C+. Apple is a good corner, but Vernon Hargraves was still on the board.

11. Buccaneers: Vernon Hargraves: A+. This was a great pick, especially because he is a great corner, and the Bucs wanted him at number 9, so they traded down, and still got their man.

12. Saints: Sheldon Rankins: B+. Rankins is a good solid DT, who will greatly help the Saints defense and D-line.

13. Dolphins: Laremy Tunsil: A-. This was good by the Dolphins, to take Tunsil, who is still a top O-lineman to help the Dolphins offensive line.

14. Raiders: Karl Joseph: B This is a decent pick, because Joseph is a good safety, to help the Raiders. They may have been able to trade down and get him though.

15. Browns: Corey Coleman: A-. This is a very good pick, because Coleman can catch well and has speed, which is what the Browns needed at the Wide Receiver position.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mock Draft

Hi! Im giving you my first mock draft as this week is draft week and I will be attending NFL Draft Town this week.

1. Rams select Carson Wentz, QB
2. Eagles select Jared Goff, QB
3. Chargers select Laremy Tunsil, OT
4. Cowboys select Ezekiel Elliot, RB
5. Jaguars select Jalen Ramsey, CB
6. Ravens select Ronnie Stanley, OT
7. 49ers select DeForest Buckner, DE
8. Browns select Myles Jack, LB
9. Buccaneers select Vernon Heargraves, CB
10. Giants select Leonard Floyd, LB
11. Bears select Joey Bosa, DE
12. Saints select Sheldon Rankins, DT
13. Dolphins select Kevin Dodd, DE
14. Raiders select Eli Apple, CB
15. Titans select Jack Conklin, OT
16. Lions select A'Shawn Robinson, DT
17. Falcons select Reggie Raggland, LB
18. Colts select Shaq Lawson, DE
19. Bills select Noah Spence, DE
20. Jets select Paxton Lynch, QB
21. Redskins select Laquon Treadwell, WR
22. Texans select Will Fuller, WR
23. Vikings select Josh Doctson, WR
24. Bengals select Derrick Henry, RB
25. Steelers select Hunter Henry, TE
26. Seahawks select Robert Nkemediche, DT
27. Packers select Andrew Billings, DT
28. Chiefs select William Jackson III, CB
29. Cardinals select Artie Burns, CB
30. Panthers select Corey Coleman, WR
31. Broncos select Connor Cook, QB

This has been my mock draft. Please comment with yours!